About Me

About Me

Welcome to My Personal Website!  It has a Simple Goal, which is to Introduce Myself to you and Hopefully Inspire, Challenge and Motivate You Toward Changing Your World and Lifestyle for the Better!

It is Also the Place Where I can Openly and Frankly Share My Thoughts and Opinions on a Variety of Social and Political Topics.

Officially, I am an Automotive Professional with over 30 years of solid experience in Sales and Dealership Management.  Which is a fancy way of saying… I’ve been a Car Salesman most of my life.

But really?  My Passion is one of an Entrepreneur, Writer and Internet Marketer.  I am known for being a Free Spirited Big Thinker, a Lover of Life and a Committed Christian. I Enjoy Good Times with Family and Friends, the Beach Life and Traveling.

Sometimes Politically Incorrect, I Love a Good Debate, and at Times Can Be Somewhat Opinionated and Even Brutally Honest about My Thoughts on Many Topics and Areas of Life.

I am, However, a Good Listener and Love to Have Engaging Conversations While Still Respecting Other Opinions.

In General?  I Love and Care about All People from All Walks of Life, and Have Great Empathy and Compassion for the Underdog.  I Love Sharing With Others about Life’s Great Experiences and How to Overcome the Obstacles that lead to Bad Ones!

Hopefully, the Content Within this Site will Allow us to Begin a Conversation that will be Mutually Beneficial to us both. I Hope You Enjoy!

Stephen Groner