The Reasons I Like Working From Home

The Reasons I Like Working From Home

This morning while I enjoyed having my breakfast and coffee on the patio, I realize how fortunate I was to be working from home. this wasn’t the case until just a few months ago.

I used to start my day with the loud sound of an obnoxious alarm clock. It always seem to wake me just before the ending of some great dream. After that, my days routine would start.

The daily routine always started with making coffee. Then after fixing and eating a quick breakfast and feeding all the pets, it was off to shower and shave and hopefully find something clean to wear. It was the same old cycle over and over.

Then it was off to the races to compete for a portion of the road with other frustrated people who had just gone through a similar routine. Amped up on energy drinks and coffee, everybody was rushing to make it on time.

Once at work, there was a similar rush routine of things that always had to be done immediately. Like unlocking all the doors, firing up the computer, checking the phone and email messages, taking out the trash, making sure everything is clean. All while waiting on the customers that were waiting on you. Then, there was always paying the bills! Oh… there were some bills!

How great my life has become since I started working from home as an Internet marketer. I have replaced my income in just a few short months, and I also work the hours I choose.

Hopefully if you have been considering the same for yourself, this will give you a little glimpse of what working from home could be like for you as well. Here is a recap.

1. No Noisy Alarm Clocks

Now that I work from home, I have no need for an alarm clock. I don’t even set it anymore. Now I can sleep as long as I like and even wake up naturally. The funny thing is, now that I work from home, I actually feel more rested and still seem to wake up early. Only now, it’s naturally.

2. Dress However

I have no dress code where I work. Flip flops, T-shirts and shorts are usually it. I never worried any more about whether I have a fresh pressed shirt, or whether or not I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning the day before. It’s great!

3. No Traffic Jams

Working from home means I no longer have to deal with all the morning road rage. No longer do I have to start my days battling the roadways with other stressed out people all trying to get to work at the same time. My longest commute these days is from the living room to the patio or whatever other part of the house I choose to work from that day.

4. No Gigantic Overhead

Now that I work from home and don’t have to maintain a traditional brick and mortar business, my overhead is only a few hundred dollars each month instead of eight to ten thousand like it use to be. What a stress reliever that is. Some of my expenses are even tax deductable.

Now you know the reasons why I like working from home as much as I do. It’s wonderful, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. If you decide that you want to know more about this great lifestyle, then get in touch with me. I will be happy to share and teach you everything I know to help you get started.

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