How Gratitude Can Change Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You

Just about everyone can find something in their lives, or life in general that they are thankful for. These things may not always be easy to find, especially if you’re not used to feeling Gratitude, but it’s there. There have been studies conducted that prove finding things to be thankful for, can increase a persons happiness.

Living can be stressful. Bad things happen. That’s just how life is, but after every bad thing, things will start to get better. It’s a cycle of things being bad, and then getting better, getting bad again and then getting better. You may feel that there is nothing to be grateful for when things are bad, but knowing that the bad can’t last forever could be one thing that could be added to your list. It may not come easy, but with practice it is possible to start seeing things in a new way.

A lot of people believe that whatever happens, there is a reason behind it. This is true, no matter what you’re spiritual beliefs may be. If you live your life sulking and being angry, chances are you will attract more negativity. Finding the good in bad situations, as difficult as it may be, will probably lead you to discover that things aren’t as bad as they may seem.

A lot of people don’t like delving into their feelings, or facing the reality of how they feel and why. Looking at yourself can be hard, uncomfortable work. Keeping a journal of all the things you’re thankful to have in your life, may seem a little strange to some, but keeping such a journal has proved to be very helpful in many persons lives.

Life is busy. People are busy. There’s a lot of stress and drama in many people’s lives. This stuff can take over without you even realizing. People may talk to people all day long and say “thank you” as nothing more than a reflex. When you actually feel the words and realize what you’re saying, it may become clear that your world is not much different than the worlds of the people around you.

If you’re miserable, as uncomfortable as it may be, you might want to try doing something for someone else. Find something in someone that you see as good, and tell them about it. Even if you’re not thankful at all for this person, they will most likely be thankful that you’ve shared it with them, and that alone could be enough to make you thankful you took the time to do it.

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