Leveraging the Untapped Authority of Leadership

Leveraging the Untapped Authority of Leadership

Weaker leaders find it difficult to gain authority and power. Insecure leaders are afraid of losing it. Power of authority is usually good, if it gets things accomplished. However, power can and is bad whenever it is utilized to mistreat and control others for self-centered reasons. Those who never learn how to wisely leverage the untapped authority of leadership are doomed to be controlled by others.

When you analyze successful organizations and how they got there, you don’t usually see a single person as being responsible. Generally, it is a team of powerful people under the leadership of a powerful individual.  Motivated teams of empowered people will take any organizations further toward being successful than any single individual.

Great leaders used power to their advantage. They know that to gain power you have to give power. In order to build a strong and powerful team, leaders have to empower team members who have demonstrated responsibility with the tools and support to accomplish the objective. In reality, nobody can make someone else feel or become powerful. You can, however, assist people in rising to the occasion by encouraging them to help themselves.

10 ways to help teams and individual members feel more powerful:

  • Communicate openly and be willing to listen.
  • Expect to win the objective.
  • Offer training to help increase the odds of success.
  • Don’t be bossy or sarcastic, make all request in a professional manner.
  • Instead of assigning goals independently, do it together with individual team members.
  • Don’t over react to mistakes – Expect them and have a plan for dealing with them.
  • Encourage people to resolve their own problems when encountered.
  • Be the biggest cheerleader for the individual and the team.
  • Show enthusiasm and excitement for any agreed upon projects.
  • Be involved and offer help, but do not micro-manage.

Ultimately, great and powerful leaders build successful teams by creating empowering workspaces and involving people in empowering actions. The end result is one of success and winning, and that creates a very powerful feeling!

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