Make Money Online Through Freelance Writing: Tips and Tricks

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Are you ready to take the leap into the world of freelance writing and become your own boss? The freelance writing landscape offers a world of opportunities. While allowing you to work independently, choose your clients, and set your rates. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential skills. Also, strategies, and insights to help you find success in the exciting world of freelance writing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the secrets to success as a freelance writer in 2023 through networking, leveraging job boards & platforms, and cold pitching.

  • Develop essential writing and research skills for your portfolio plus adaptability to increase marketability.

  • Manage time effectively with self-motivation techniques while setting rates confidently & staying informed on legal matters.

Understanding the Freelance Writing Landscape

A freelance writer working on a laptop in a coffee shop

The freelance writing landscape is vast and offers numerous opportunities. Especially for writers to work independently, choose their clients, and set their rates. Gaining market insight is key to flourish. Identifying your writing niche significantly contributes to constructing a prosperous freelance writing career. Your writing niche is what will help you get paid for your work and become a top-notch writer. Particularly, one who commands premium rates and can be picky about clients and projects.

Examples of freelance writing specialties include:

  • Blog articles

  • Website copy

  • Scriptwriting

  • Ghostwriting for novels

In terms of your niche, consider your passions. Are there topics you like writing about? Do you have expertise or experience in a specific area? Or would you like the opportunity to learn something new? Thinking of a niche idea starts from the middle. This is where you can do your research and develop an idea. Formulating a long-term objective in freelance writing is imperative.

Finding freelance writing jobs is an achievable goal! Our Freelance Writing Hub is a great resource to get you started. Networking, utilizing freelance writing job boards and platforms. Also, cold pitching and outreach are all effective strategies for landing freelance writing jobs.

Grasping the market and investigating the rates of other freelance writers in your niche will bolster your confidence. Especially in setting competitive prices for writing clients. You should also be aware of the common questions. Such as, do you write for magazines, do you write for small businesses or big brands? Also, how do you get paid as a freelance writer? Investing in the Copyblogger Academy can help you build a full-time freelance writing career. As well as equip you with the tools and knowledge to negotiate confidently with clients.

Essential Skills for a Successful Freelance Writer

Person working on a laptop in a home office

Possessing robust writing and research skills, and the ability to adjust to varying niches and styles. Also, excellent time management and self-motivation will undoubtedly aid in your success as a diverse freelance writer. The ability to express your ideas in a clear and organized way is key to success in freelance writing. Which includes technical remote writing jobs.

With dedication and hard work, you can definitely hone your writing skills, including content writing. Reading can help freelance writers expand their understanding of the world. Also, become more versatile and charismatic in their content writing.

Even without a degree in creative writing, you can still pursue a career as a freelance writer.

Writing and Research Skills

Writing and research skills are the foundation of a successful freelance writing career. Simultaneously enabling writers to create high-quality content for clients. Research can help deepen knowledge of new concepts and sharpen writing skills. Editing can make the process smoother for the client and help you avoid costly revisions down the line.

Reading can help freelance writers expand their understanding of the world and become more versatile and charismatic in their writing. In addition to staying humble and striving for growth, you can become a better writer. As well as increase your chances of landing lucrative opportunities in the freelance writing market.


Adaptability can be a great asset for most freelance writers. As a result, it allows them to work in different niches and styles, thus broadening their job prospects and increasing their marketability.

Acquiring blog writing skills is crucial for freelance writers as it’s a versatile content form in high demand by businesses. Also, by being adaptable, you can provide businesses with various types of content, including:

  • Blog posts

  • Articles

  • White papers

  • Case studies

  • E-books

This will help them reach their goals.

Time Management and Self-Motivation

To meet deadlines, handle multiple projects, and maintain productivity, freelance writers must excel in time management and self-motivation. Freelance writers can employ strategies such as setting achievable goals, breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, and taking regular breaks. They can also utilize tools such as calendars and to-do lists to stay organized and inspired.

Freelance writers can use strategies like setting achievable deadlines, leveraging productivity tools, and avoiding distractions. They can also employ tactics like time blocking and the Pomodoro technique to stay on task and get things done.

Building Your Freelance Writing Portfolio

A person creating a portfolio of writing samples

Constructing a robust freelance writing portfolio is vital to displaying your skills, drawing in clients, and securing jobs. Freelance writers should invest some time in writing a few short pieces (500 to 1,000 words) to demonstrate their writing abilities and have something to present to potential clients. The proposal a freelance writer sends is the prospect’s first impression of their writing, so it is essential to put in extra effort to make it perfect.

Writing guest posts for reputable companies can provide you with the opportunity to get in front of hiring managers and potentially open the door to job offers. However, be sure to thoroughly read the website’s “editorial guidelines”, “guest posting guidelines”, or “write for us” page to uncover if there is a payment involved.

Choosing the Right Samples

Having a writing sample in the niche of the job you want to land can definitely give you a competitive edge. Thus making it much easier to land a gig. Also, you can easily find a blog post topic for a writing sample by checking out Elna Cain’s video for writing sample ideas and prompts – it’s great for inspiring your creativity.

The perfect topic for a blog post sample should be one that is related to the niche the writer chose. This way, you can ensure that the content is engaging and relevant. Also, include diverse and high-quality writing samples that showcase your proficiency and adaptability to make your portfolio stand out.

Organizing Your Portfolio

Creating a portfolio website is a great way for freelance writers to showcase their work and highlight their skills and experience. As well as organize your portfolio in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner, ensuring that clients can easily navigate and assess your work.

Then carefully select samples that effectively demonstrate your writing style, highlight your impressive skills, and emphasize your relevant experience.

Promoting Your Portfolio

Meanwhile, promotion of your portfolio is necessary for enhancing visibility and forming connections with potential clients. Also, you can promote your freelance writing portfolio by sharing it on social media, submitting it to job boards, and proactively reaching out to potential clients.

Obviously, social media is an invaluable tool for increasing your visibility and connecting with potential clients. in fact, it gives you the opportunity to showcase your work and make an impression on potential clients.

Networking is an essential part of promoting a freelance writing portfolio, as it provides a great opportunity to:

  • Build relationships with potential clients

  • Boost visibility

  • Establish connections with influencers in the industry

  • Open up job opportunities

  • Receive valuable referrals

Top Strategies for Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Networking with other writers and potential clients

Key tactics to discover freelance writing jobs include:

  • Networking and building relationships with other writers, industry professionals, and potential clients

  • Leveraging job boards and online platforms

  • Cold pitching

These strategies can help you find job opportunities and referrals in the freelance writing business.

While job boards and online platforms provide a plethora of freelance writing jobs, it’s imperative to select trustworthy sites and assess potential clients. Cold pitching and outreach can help you proactively find clients and showcase your skills, increasing your chances of landing freelance writing jobs.

Additionally, by staying current with industry trends and continuously developing your skills, you will stay competitive and grow as a freelance writer.

Networking and Building Relationships

An image of a people networking at a business event.

Networking and building relationships with other writers, industry professionals, and potential clients can lead to job opportunities and referrals. Also, join meaningful Facebook groups to get your name out there and connect with like-minded professionals and potential clients. By following influencers on social media, sharing their content, and interacting with them, you can start building relationships and increasing your network.

Becoming an influencer’s student can open up a world of possibilities. Since they become invested in your future and may do everything they can to help you reach your goals, including providing leads that could help you reach new heights. Be sure to personalize each message when reaching out with connection requests, highlighting how you know the person or articulating why you’d like to connect.

Utilizing Job Boards and Online Platforms

Job boards and online platforms offer a variety of freelance writing jobs. Also, they include freelance writing gigs, for writers at all levels of experience. One such freelance writing job board is Freelance Writing Jobs. Some other great job boards for freelance writers include:


  • Freelance Writers Den

  • Behance

  • Media Bistro

  • Constant Content

  • Smart Blogger Jobs Board

  • Upwork

By leveraging these platforms, you can find a wide range of job postings in various niches and industries.

However, not all job boards are created equal. It’s essential to choose reputable sites and vet potential clients to ensure a smooth and successful working relationship. Take the time to research each platform, read reviews, and compare rates before committing to a job board.

LinkedIn’s job board is another excellent resource for finding freelance writing jobs. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to find freelance writing jobs:

  • Filter for top-level content marketing roles on LinkedIn

  • Set job alerts to receive notifications for new job listings

  • Connect with career coaches on LinkedIn to get advice and guidance

  • Learn more about companies and their hiring needs on LinkedIn

  • Get your resume reviewed on platforms like FlexJobs Remember to check these platforms regularly, as new job listings are posted frequently.

Cold Pitching and Outreach

Cold pitching is the process of proactively reaching out to companies and offering your writing services, even if they haven’t advertised any job openings. It’s essential to make your pitch stand out by tailoring it to the specific company and showcasing your expertise in their niche.

In addition to cold pitching, you can also engage in outreach by joining online forums, participating in discussions, and sharing your knowledge with others. In effect, this can help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche and increase your visibility, ultimately leading to more job opportunities and potential clients.

Setting Your Rates and Negotiating with Clients

A person negotiating rates with a client

Establishing competitive rates and bargaining with clients is vital for a sustainable and profitable freelance writing profession. Freelance writing is a great way to get started in the industry. The going rate for it typically starts around $.12 per word. However, factors such as the amount of time invested and the depth of research needed for a particular subject can affect the rate of a freelance writing job.

As a new freelance writer, you could expect to earn between $50 and $75 for a 500-word article. Over time, you should aim to increase your rates as you gain more experience and expertise in your niche. Therefore, focusing on a specific niche and leveraging your knowledge and expertise can help you command higher rates, even without prior experience.

To negotiate effectively with clients, it’s essential to:

  • Research the market

  • Understand the rates of other freelance writers in your niche

  • Be prepared to justify your rates based on your skills, expertise, and the value you bring to the project

By confidently setting and negotiating your rates, established freelance writers can ensure a successful and profitable freelance writing career.

Handling the Business Side of Freelance Writing

Persom handling the business activities.

Managing the business aspects of freelance writing, like contracts, invoicing, and taxes, is crucial to safeguarding your interests and facilitating seamless transactions with clients. The Definitive Guide to Freelance Contracts, Invoices, & Taxes is a valuable resource for freelance writers or any self-employed contractor to empower themselves with the knowledge of handling legalities.

By staying informed about the legal side of freelancing, you can safeguard your interests and guarantee seamless transactions with clients. You can also explore additional resources like online courses, books, and blogs to further your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the freelance writing industry.

Staying Current and Developing Your Skills

A freelance writer staying current and developing their skills

Keeping your knowledge updated and refining your skills will sustain your competitive edge and aid in your professional advancement as a freelance writer. To stay ahead of the game and hone your skills, reading industry publications, attending conferences and workshops, and taking online courses are great options.

Never stop learning – it’s an invaluable asset. By staying current with industry trends and continuously developing your skills, you can ensure a successful and fulfilling freelance writing career that will continue to grow and evolve with the ever-changing market.


In conclusion, finding success in the world of freelance writing requires a combination of essential skills, a strong portfolio, effective job-hunting strategies, and ongoing professional development. By following the advice and insights shared in this blog post, you can confidently navigate the freelance writing landscape and build a thriving career as a highly sought-after writer. Remember, the key to success is persistence, determination, and a constant hunger for knowledge and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start freelance writing?

Start your freelance writing journey by researching the industry, developing business skills, getting the necessary tools, understanding writing conventions, improving your writing skills, and deciding on a writing niche. Additionally, write samples, find a writing agency, launch a blog, network with other writers, get started with a content network, refresh your grammar, and learn about SEO to gain more experience.

What does a freelance writer do?

Freelance writing encompasses a variety of content creation such as web content, press releases, blog posts, corporate communications, emails, grant writing, proposals, and newsletters. Specialists are able to focus on their preferred field or channel for increased success.

Can I make $1000 a month freelance writing?

You can make $1,000 a month freelance writing – even with no experience! With the right guidance and dedication, it’s easy to achieve and you could even be earning up to $200K a year in no time.

What is a fair rate for freelance writing?

Freelance writers usually charge $100-$200 per page for a shorter webpage, or beginners may start at $.08 per word or $20 per hour, while experienced writers can range from $65-$100 per hour. While the average freelance writer earns less than $30,000 annually, it is possible to earn up to $50,000 in a year.

What is the importance of finding a writing niche?

Finding a writing niche is essential for writers who want to stand out from the crowd and get paid for their work. It helps them gain recognition, command premium rates, and be more selective with their projects. By focusing on a specific area of writing, writers can become experts in their field and develop a reputation for delivering quality work. This can open up opportunities for higher-paying jobs and more interesting projects.

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