Get Paid to Take Online Surveys for Money in 2024

online surveys for money

Imagine earning extra income from the comfort of your own home, all while sharing your opinions and shaping the products and services of the future. With online surveys for money, this dream can become a reality.

In 2024, the world of online survey sites has expanded, offering numerous opportunities for users to make money by completing surveys. Market research companies are more than willing to pay users for their valuable insights, making online surveys an attractive option for those looking to supplement their income.

Throughout this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 best-paid survey sites for earning money in 2024. We will discuss tips for maximizing your earnings, and share best practices for completing online surveys for money effectively.

We will also help you identify legitimate survey sites, understand how market research companies benefit from surveys, and delve into various payment options and payout thresholds. So, are you ready to embark on your journey to earning extra income through online surveys for money? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the top 10 online survey sites to earn money in 2023, including Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

  • Maximize your earnings by registering with multiple platforms and following best practices for completing surveys.

  • Diversify your income through other activities such as watching videos or playing games while taking advantage of rewards programs and bonuses available on most survey sites.

Top 10 Paid Online Survey Sites for Earning Money

Person taking online surveys for money.

Choosing the appropriate platform is the initial stride toward maximizing earnings from paid online surveys. Given the numerous options, it’s vital to select a paid survey site that offers a wide range of opportunities. Thus ensuring reliable, secure payouts. In 2024, the top 10 paid survey sites for earning money include:

  • Branded Surveys

  • Survey Junkie

  • Swagbucks

  • MyPoints

  • InboxDollars

  • KashKick

  • LifePoints

  • Ipsos i-Say Panel

  • Toluna

  • PrizeRebel

Each of these platforms offers unique features and payment options, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of survey takers. The upcoming sections provide a detailed analysis of each platform. Which aids in making an informed decision and selecting a survey site that best fits your needs.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys stand out as a top choice for survey enthusiasts due to their loyalty program. Also sign-up bonus, and various payment options. As a legitimate survey company, Branded Surveys rewards users with cash, points, or other virtual currency for each completed survey. Which are often conducted by market research firms seeking valuable consumer insights. Participating in these online surveys for money, the average remuneration per survey for Branded Surveys ranges from $0.30 to $3.30. Generally making them one of the highest-paying surveys available.

Beyond their compelling payout rates, Branded Surveys provides:

  • A referral program rewarding users for friend invitations

  • A sign-up bonus of 50 points, equivalent to $1

  • Payment options include PayPal, Branded Pay (a bank account transfer in the United States), and gift cards from restaurants and major retailers

  • The ability to purchase gift cards from various restaurants and major retail outlets to complete your payment

  • A payment threshold of just $5

Branded Surveys offer a convenient and lucrative option for survey takers.

Survey Junkie is known for its user-friendly interface and reliable payouts. Here are some key features of Survey Junkie:

  • Sign-up bonus of 25 points

  • Points can be redeemed for cash through PayPal, gift cards, or bank transfer

  • Exchange rate of 100 points to $1

  • Minimum payout threshold of $10 (1000 points) to be eligible for payment

Beyond standard online surveys, some users might get a chance to earn money through product testing. Also by participation in online or in-person focus groups or telephone surveys. While these possibilities are currently limited, they can provide remuneration ranging from $5 to $150 per task.

With a 3.4-star rating on Google Play and over 4,000 reviews, Survey Junkie is a reputable platform. Especially for those looking to earn through online surveys.


Swagbucks, a reputable paid survey platform, presents several avenues for users to earn rewards. Besides survey completion, users can earn by engaging in games. Also by watching videos, and online shopping at retailers such as Target, Walmart, and eBay. Swagbucks provides cash-back rebates as a payment option. Users can redeem their points for PayPal, prepaid credit cards, or gift cards.

The minimum balance required to redeem rewards with Swagbucks is just 100 SB ($1). Therefore making it an attractive option for users who want to cash out their earnings quickly. In addition to numerous earning opportunities and flexible payment options, Swagbucks is a popular choice among survey takers. Especially those looking to maximize their income.


MyPoints offers users the opportunity to earn rewards by:

  • Taking online surveys

  • Shopping

  • Watching videos

  • Playing games

With an average payout of $2.50 per survey, users can accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards. New users can receive a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card upon spending $20 or more through MyPoints shopping.

The minimum amount of points required to redeem a $3 gift card on MyPoints is 480 points, and users can cash out their earnings for gift cards or prepaid Visa cards once they have accumulated enough points.

MyPoints is a great option for those looking to earn rewards through a variety of online activities in addition to surveys.


InboxDollars is a unique platform that offers cash rewards for surveys and everyday tasks, rather than points. Users can earn money by:

  • Taking paid surveys

  • Viewing video ads

  • Playing games

  • Shopping online at retailers like Target, Walmart, and eBay

InboxDollars provides a sign-up bonus of $5 and typically offers a remuneration of up to $5 for each survey completed.

Payment options for InboxDollars include checks, Amazon gift cards, and gift vouchers. Users can cash out their earnings once they have accumulated a minimum of 1,000 points (or $10). With cash rewards and a variety of earning opportunities, InboxDollars is an appealing option for survey takers who prefer cash over points.


KashKick is a platform that rewards users for participating in various activities, including:

  • Taking surveys

  • Viewing videos

  • Browsing the web

  • Registering for deals

The typical remuneration for surveys on KashKick ranges from $0.50 to $5.50, and the minimum payout threshold is $10. Users can cash out their earnings via PayPal once they have reached the minimum threshold.

Although KashKick may not be as well-known as some of the other survey sites on this list, it offers a variety of earning opportunities and a straightforward cash payout system. For those looking to diversify their survey platforms, KashKick is worth considering.


A screenshot of the LifePoints website.

LifePoints is a survey site that resulted from the merger of MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. With easy-to-qualify surveys and shorter completion times, LifePoints offers lower payouts but a higher return on investment compared to other platforms. Users can earn LifePoints by taking online surveys, and these points can be redeemed for cash money or gift cards.

The payment threshold for LifePoints is 550 points ($5), and payment options include PayPal and Amazon gift cards. Therefore, with a focus on providing users with quick and simple surveys, LifePoints is an attractive option for those looking to earn rewards without investing too much time.

Ipsos i-Say Panel

Ipsos i-Say Panel is one of the largest and most renowned online survey sites, offering users the opportunity to earn points by completing surveys. Although the compensation rates may be lower than other platforms, Ipsos i-Say Panel is a reputable platform with a variety of survey opportunities.

Users can redeem their points for cash via PayPal or gift cards, with a minimum payment threshold of $10 for gift cards and $15 for PayPal or VISA.

With a 3.4-star rating on Google Play and over 4,000 reviews, Ipsos i-Say Panel is a trusted platform for survey enthusiasts looking to earn rewards for sharing their opinions.


Toluna is a survey app that allows users to share their opinions on brands and influence companies. Then offer payment via PayPal or gift cards. As a highly respected opinion website, Toluna works in partnership with numerous prominent companies, providing users with a variety of survey opportunities.

Surveys on Toluna are worth between 15,000 and 50,000 points, and the minimum reward threshold for a $10 gift card is 30,000 points. In addition to surveys, Toluna also offers users the opportunity to participate in various other paid activities, such as watching videos and playing games, helping to diversify their earnings.

Tips for Maximizing Online Surveys For Money

Person looking at online survey results.

Optimizing the online survey experience requires strategic time management. As well as the selection of suitable platforms that fit your needs. By registering with multiple paid survey sites, you can increase your chances of receiving more survey opportunities and maximize your earning potential. Additionally, researching each platform beforehand can help you identify the highest-paying online survey sites and avoid scams.

Effective time management is another essential factor in maximizing online surveys for the most money. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and maximize your earnings:

  • Set up a dedicated email for survey site accounts

  • Regularly check your emails

  • Log in daily to take the daily poll

  • Take enough surveys to qualify for loyalty programs, such as Branded Elite, to increase your earning potential

By following these tips, you can make the most out of your survey-taking experience.

Best Practices for Completing Online Surveys For Money

People filling out online surveys for money on a tablet.

Completing paid online surveys effectively requires providing accurate and honest responses. That is because market research companies rely on truthful answers to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data they collect. Attempting to deceive the system by providing inaccurate information may result in disqualification from the survey and potential loss of earnings.

Understanding the instructions and requirements for each survey is vital to increase your chances of successful completion. Therefore, taking your time and fully engaging with the questions can help improve the quality of your responses and increase your chances of qualifying for more surveys in the future.

Identifying Legitimate Online Surveys For Money

A person checking a online survey site.

Given the plethora of survey sites, it’s pivotal to distinguish legitimate platforms and circumvent scam survey sites. Some warning signs to look out for include:

  • Payment requests

  • Requests for private information prior to survey completion

  • Lack of history or ratings

  • Low compensation for surveys

  • A glitchy or outdated website

  • Difficulty in qualifying for surveys

By being aware of these potential red flags, you can protect yourself and your personal information from fraudulent platforms.

To ensure you are working with reputable survey companies, follow these steps:

  1. Research each platform before registering and look for reviews or recommendations from trusted sources.

  2. Check if the survey site has a history of reliable payouts.

  3. Look for a variety of survey opportunities.

  4. Make sure the platform provides a secure environment for users to complete surveys and redeem rewards.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are working with legitimate survey companies and finding a legitimate survey site.

How Market Research Companies Benefit from Surveys

A group of people discussing survey results.

Market research companies, such as a market research firm, benefit greatly from market research surveys, as they provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, behaviors, and opinions. By paying users for their opinions, market research companies can gather accurate and reliable data to help businesses make informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and overall company direction.

Users who participate in paid online surveys are essentially providing valuable feedback to companies regarding new concepts or products before they are launched. By offering consumers a financial incentive to share their opinions, market research companies can ensure a higher level of engagement and more accurate data collection.

In this mutually beneficial relationship, both users and market research companies can thrive.

Payment Options and Payout Thresholds

Online survey for money earnings.

Considering the available payment options and payout thresholds is vital when selecting a paid survey site. Different platforms offer various payment methods. Such as including free gift cards, prepaid Mastercard credit cards, and PayPal deposits to your PayPal account. Also, depending on your preferences and needs, you may prioritize platforms that offer the most convenient payment options for you.

In addition to payment options, it’s essential to be aware of the minimum payout thresholds for each platform. Some survey sites may require users to accumulate a certain amount of earnings before they can redeem rewards. Whereas others may have lower thresholds or flexible payout options. Knowing the payout thresholds for each platform can help you choose the best survey site for your needs. As well as ensure you can redeem your earnings efficiently.

Time Management Tips for Survey Takers

A person managing their time to complete online surveys for money.

Efficient time management can considerably influence your success as a survey taker. Here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings and make the most of your available time:

  1. Set daily goals for survey completion.

  2. Prioritize high-paying surveys.

  3. Invest in a day planner or utilize digital tools to help organize your tasks.

  4. Stay on track and adhere to your survey-taking goals.

By following these tips, you can improve your time management skills and increase your survey earnings.

It’s also helpful to allocate specific times throughout the week for survey-taking. Thus allowing you to focus on the task at hand without distractions. Also, by organizing your week in advance and dedicating time to complete surveys, you can ensure that you stay on top of your responsibilities and make the most out of your survey-taking experience.

Diversifying Your Earnings with Other Paid Activities

A person diversifying their earnings.

Many survey sites provide other paid activities besides surveys to diversify your earnings. Activities such as watching videos, playing games, and completing tasks can provide supplementary income and make your survey-taking experience more engaging and enjoyable.

To optimize your earnings from other activities, make sure to thoroughly understand the instructions and adhere to the rules of each activity. Additionally, take advantage of any bonuses or rewards available for completing activities, as these can further boost your earnings and contribute to a more rewarding survey-taking experience.

Age Requirements for Taking Online Surveys For Money

Age requirements for taking online surveys.

Most survey websites require participants to be 18 years of age or older. However, some platforms allow minors aged 13 to 17 to join and receive remuneration for surveys, as long as they obtain consent from their parents or legal guardians prior to registering. This provides an opportunity for younger users to participate in online surveys and earn rewards, while also ensuring the safety and security of minors.

Before signing up for a survey site, reviewing the platform’s age requirements and ensuring you meet the necessary criteria is crucial. By being aware of the age requirements for various platforms, you can choose the most suitable survey site for your needs and start earning rewards.


In conclusion, online survey sites offer a valuable opportunity for users to earn extra income by sharing their opinions and helping shape the future of products and services. By registering with multiple platforms, managing your time effectively, and adhering to best practices for completing surveys, you can maximize your earnings and enjoy a rewarding survey-taking experience.

As you embark on your journey in the world of online surveys, remember to choose the right platforms. Also, prioritize high-paying surveys, and remain honest and accurate in your responses. As a result with determination and dedication, you can turn your opinions into cash and make a meaningful impact on the products and services of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online surveys really pay?

Yes, online surveys can be a viable source of extra income; however, they require time and dedication to build up earnings. If you have limited free time, the potential returns may not be worth it.

What is the best legit survey site to make money?

For legitimate survey sites to make money, look no further than Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, MyPoints, Inboxdollars, Kashkick, LifePoints, and Ipsos i-Say Panel – some of the best online survey sites for 2024.

Can you make $100 a day with Survey Junkie?

Earning $100/day with Survey Junkie is rare, if not impossible. Reviews claiming this amount of income are misleading and should be taken with a grain of salt.

On popular survey sites, the average survey payout typically ranges from $0.50 to $3, with some rare surveys offering up to $50.

Can I join multiple survey sites to increase my earnings?

Yes, you can join multiple survey sites to increase your earnings and receive more survey opportunities.

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